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Going From BTM To BM @ Ryerson

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I'm not in either program, but say I couldn't make it to BM, and got accepted for ITM and wanted to switch after 1st year. I've just taken a look at both calendars and compared courses.

ITM 1st Year: ACC 100, ITM 100, MGT 200, MHR 405, CMN 124, ITM 200, QMS 204, MKT 100, and 2 Liberal Studies courses.
BM 1st Year: ACC 100, BUS 100, ECN 104, ITM 102, QMS 102, ACC 406, ECN 204, MGT 200, MHR 405, MKT 100, QMS 202, and 1 Liberal Studies course.

I checked closely and noticed that pretty much both first year courses are the same with the exception of a few. My guess is it's very easy to transfer from one to the other and just take a couple of courses online or during the summer, correct? If anyone has done it and can back my hypothesis up, or explain how they did it, it would be helpful.
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