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Going from small town to Toronto ?

A photo of sdjennings sdjennings
I'm from a really small town (population about 1000) and I'm worried about going to school in a big city like Toronto. I've barely ever been in big cities, and I don't really know what to expect...Is it actually scary there or am I totally naive? pros and cons of Toronto or say, Waterloo?
My cottage friends all don't have the best things to say about the city, but that's probably just from over-exposure I'm sure :P
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Hey there sdjennings! I totally understand the anxiety you're going through. City life isn't for everyone.

I personally grew up in Mississauga. All there was around there were houses and shopping malls. The occasional trip to Toronto for live theatre or a sporting event is nice but I can go without it. I was tired of that sort of life, so I decided to go to school at Trent which is just far enough outside of downtown Peterborough that it feels somewhat rural, but still close enough to Peterborough to experience the city life (bars/clubs) if that's what I desire.

What I notice about Toronto is that everyone is caught up in their own business; they don't acknowledge each other. What I like about where I am in Peterborough is that I can start a conversation with someone at a bus stop and they won't think I'm trying to scam them or anything of the sort. In Toronto I am surrounded by a lot of people, but to me it's the loneliest city I've been too (although other big cities are very similar).

Don't subject yourself to culture shock unnecessarily. There's really no reason to attend U of T over other universities in smaller towns, even if that just means Queen's in Kingston (which is still gargantuan compared to your current town). It will be much easier for you to adapt to university life if there's less change to adapt to, and I feel that it'll give you a better overall experience.
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Toronto is a really cool city. i live in a suburb near Toronto and I love going downtown. people arent that rude as they're made out to be but they might not be as nice as people in smaller towns.

Since your from a small town, you might find it hard to adjust since theres so many people and its so busy but you shouldn't let that stop you from going to UofT. Experience what city life is like. If you don't think you'll be able to handle toronto, go to a smaller city like waterloo.

although i recommend you go to toronto. its awesome!!!!!!
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Toronto ftw.
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