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Good Art Schools

A photo of KatarinaSabados KatarinaSabados
I'm in grade 12 right now and i hope to apply to post secondary programs in art.
I've heard about OCAD, but it seems as though i am limited with options in regards to
taking courses outside of my major/field...
Can anyone recommend art programs, specifically illustration, curatorial arts, photography or even art history that are at a university/college that has multiple faculties?
This would be a great help! :albino:
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A photo of sblakey sblakey
I went to Emily Carr University and they have everything you're talking about. You can go into the general fine arts program and take pretty much any class you want. That university just started up an illustration program, too, and I hear it's really good. Everything you mentioned; illustration, curating, photography and art history are available; and art history is a required course, I believe. There are even different art history courses per faculty; for example, I took Animation History and it was great. :)
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