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Good enough for UBC Sauder?

A photo of allentsai allentsai
Do you guys think I'll be able to make Sauder with this?

term 2 avg: 87

school basketball - 4 years
Basketball b.c. regional team - 1 year
school volleyball - 5 years
club volleyball - 2 years
school rugby - 2 years
two years of work experience at consultant company as computer technician
scouts: venturer - 2 years
school chamber choir/vocal ensemble/mens choir/concert choir - 3 years
school band - 5 years
security co-ordinator for school music program
grade 9 athlete of the year

then obviously i'll try and write a kickass supp..

What do you guys think?
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A photo of illuminati illuminati
What's your top 6 avg? Assuming it's an 87, your avg treads outside of the Sauder range (low 90s) but your ECs look great. Depending on how well you write your supp, anything goes.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
This is going to sound so creepy, but OP's from BC, so we only need top 4.
Don't ask me how I know.

10 bajillion ECs.. there isn't even enough room on ur supp for all those!
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