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Good or Bad choices?

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Greetings... at the moment i'm in grade 10.... but now i gotta start thinking about the future and I am discouraged to take computer science, because of math... I believe i also have overloaded my grade 11 year with a bunch of hard courses,so my question is; what do i need to do to get into computer science. Is university level computer science math intensive? here is a list of my courses for grade 11, do you think i am smart to take these courses when i know i wanna join the CS world; should i ditch a few choices?

courses 11(non-semester) | courses 12(non-semester)
Eng 3U (grade 11 english) | Eng 4U (grade 12 english)
Mcr 3u (grade 11 functions) | Mhf 4u (grade 12 advanced functions)
Sph 3u (grade 11 physics) | Mcv 4u (grade 12 calculus vectors)
Sch 3u (grade 11 chem) | Sch 4u (grade 12 chem)
Cg2 4u (grade 12 world issues) | Sph 4u (grade 12 physics)
Ics 4u (grade 12 comp sci) | Cln 4u (grade 12 canadian law)
Sbi 4u (grade 12 bio) | coop (hopefully at IT placement)
Cia 4u (grade 12 economics) | coop (hopefully at IT placement)
Another question is... is it smart to take a double economics and computer science degree in uni???
Also please comment on these courses so i can see if they are my cup of tea :D
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