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Good Schools/Programs for Successfully Pursuing Acting

A photo of Jacobtreeslayer Jacobtreeslayer
Acting is undoubtedly my most natural talent, and I've always wanted to be an actor, but I consider the chances of being able to feed and shelter myself taking that career path very slim, keeping in mind the millions of others who also want to be actors. Does anyone know any really good programs known for successfully promoting film/theatre actors? Any other advice on the matter would also be much appreciated.
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A photo of Ahcros Ahcros
The National Theatre School in Montreal, Ryerson in Toronto, and U of Windsor (Windsor ON.) I've heard all have very good acting programs.
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A photo of junefukumura junefukumura
You can even try auditioning for American theater schools like American Academy of Dramatic Arts who hold touring auditions in all major Canadian cities in the spring
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A photo of sarahfeutl sarahfeutl
The BFA program at U of A has one of the best programs in Canada. The only problem is that you have to take at least a year of general arts before being allowed to audition.
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A photo of Qq Qq
It's said that sometimes it's about the people you know that will help you prosper. I believe this is the case for acting
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A photo of MegWidmeyer MegWidmeyer
I applied to Ryerson and it is definitely my top choice.

I know what you mean but being an actor... well part of that is accepting the "starving artist" lifestyle. If you believe it's worth it than you should go for it.

Be sure to really read up on the program information.

Certain schools only as drama as an elective and don't actually give you the skills required to become a professional actor. Queen's is an example of that, U of Waterloo also.
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A photo of brontehutchinson brontehutchinson
Mount Allison University
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A photo of magpie magpie
I think I'm a little late to the party, but I just wanted to mention the Randolph Academy for Performing Arts. My younger sister is there right now. It's a triple-threat program, you audition to get in and it's really intense but the things my sister is learning sounds like it's all worth it if you're really dedicated.
The program runs for 1 year, all year round and the days are basically 8-5, sometimes later depending on the schedule. But you learn several types of dance, lots of acting and improv classes, private and group singing classes, lectures on theatre history, stage combat, the works.
It's a private school though, I don't think OSAP gave my sister very much and I don't know what tuition is.
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