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Good Science Residence..Keyes?

A photo of GaganS GaganS
Hey guys, I was wondering what the best res at McMaster was in your opinion (for science). I was thinking Keyes, because it's the suite style res but in case I don't get into Keyes (since the residence is a lottery system), which of the other choices are good?
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
Any. There are no science residences. Just make sure to get a single so you can study in your room instead of the library. LP and Keyes are the best reses. I'd say Keyes is better but that's a matter of personal preference
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Back in the day when I applied to rez, I only applied to LP and Keyes. But as andrewk512 said, there are no faculty-specific residences. Keyes and LP do have a high proportion of health scis though.
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