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A photo of future future
i need help calculating GPA.
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A photo of lvanderwoerd lvanderwoerd
try going to the website of your school... they usually have a GPA calculator. also you can simply try googling it :)
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A photo of shannonannabel shannonannabel
a lot of schools do it differently - check your school's website or go to the registrar and ask.
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Useful site to understand University GPA's. :compress:

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A photo of Love2travel Love2travel
It depends on the grade system used by your school. Some schools do have a GPA calculator that you can use. The letter grading system is slightly confusing, as different faculties (if you're taking a variety of courses) usually assign different percentage grades for each letter. It'd be best to talk to a career advisor for this, I'm guessing.

If you are given exact percentage grades for each class (this is the one that I actually know to do :D)- say you have 5 classes- just add up all 5 grades and then divide by 5. This is your average % grade. Multiply this number by 4, then divide by 100. That gives you your GPA.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Guidance counsellers are usually able to give you a GPA as well.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
When asked for a "culmative GPA", what does it mean? Is is the culmative averages of your whole high school career, your last year's averages, or your prospective averages (i.e. the average you expect to have from all grade 12 courses)?
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