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Gr 12 courses HELP

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hi, i wanted to ask that are the following courses ok for gr 12, as i want to become a CA and really like business:

Advanced Functions
International Business
Data Management- i want to take data in the summer, how hard is it?
or should i take it in normal semester, but that would mean 2 maths in one semester, pls give me some advice.

If i take data in normal semester then should i take English in the summer, i want to have i spare each semester. pls advice me on if you think that the courses are balanced out or are they all very difficult.

can u also rate how difficult you think my next year would be from a scale from 1 to 10.

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1. High school courses won't make much of a difference in your career :p
2. Data's difficulty is tied to how well you can think logically. I wouldn't recommend taking it in the summer though. If you really want spares that badly, take English in the summer.
3. 2 maths in one semester isn't bad unless you really hate math. For example, calc and data are completely different. It won't feel like taking two maths.
4. Your semester seems fine. No sciences. Business courses generally have less of a workload. In reality though, asking us to discuss the difficulty won't help much since it really depends on your teacher.
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