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Would anyone be able to offer me advice on what to do in my situation:

I recently graduated with an honours B.A. in psychology from McMaster. My average is somewhere between 73%-76% (an 8.4 both for cumulative over 4 years and the 5 courses in my final year that were compulsory). I received an 11(85.00%-89.99%) for my undergraduate thesis course. I did not apply for grad school in time and want to apply for September 2012.

I've considered coming back as a continuing student to raise my average, however I've found out that OSAP does not cover continuing students. As a result I will need to come up with over $6000 in tution not to mention expenses some other way.

My question is this, is it worth it for me to come back for a 5th year, considering the trouble I'll be going through in trying to find the >$6000 in funds just to raise my average to improve my chances of getting into grad school? Or is an 8.4 (~74%) sufficient for me to be accepted by some Universities in southern Ontario??

I should also mention that I want to get into a Grad Program in Psychology.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Your GPA is right on the cut off for most universities. They typically require a 3.0 minimum GPA, and you're right above that using this chart: http://careers.mcmaster.ca/students/education-planning/virtual-resources/gpa-conversion-chart

Now other than giving you that advice, I have no idea about psychology grad programs. You could try http://forum.thegradcafe.com where there are many more grad students, but most of them are from the states. That being said it could give you some insight.
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