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Grade 11 Course Selection!!!

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So currently, I'm in Grade 10, but soon we have to pick Grade 11 Courses! This is what I'm taking right now (and the mark i'm getting):

academic english: 89
academic math: 98
open guitar): 91
academic french: 95
open business: 94
academic science: 96
academic history: 88
open careers: 96

next year, i'm planning to take:
university english
university math
grade 12 international business
university french
mixed photography
mixed accounting
college marketing (college is the only level they have)
mixed economics

^Are these good courses? I'm planning to go into waterloo's accounting program
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I don't think it'd be a good idea to take marketing. I was considering that too, but everyone told me to stay away from all college courses. I don't know about your school, but we have a grade 12 marketing course, which is mixed, and has no prerequisites. So you might want to check what marketing courses your school has in grade 12, and take that instead of the college course.

If you don't know what else to take, you might consider taking data management (it's a grade 12 course, but you can still take it in grade 11). Check in your school, but it's supposed to be a really easy course, and I read on another forum that what the stats stuff you learn in data management is really useful for first year university if you're going into business.

Nice grades, by the way. I'm jealous!
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A photo of thenerdyfairy thenerdyfairy
College is the only level of marketing we have :( Which sucks.
I'm probably not going to take data, but I'll ask my math teacher if it's an option next year.

My grades are going downnnnnnnnn...they already dropped lol
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Ah, that suckss. /:
Well, yeah, I guess if you're sure you want take accounting, then there's nothing else really worth taking... You're set. Just take some courses you find interesting/think you'd enjoy.

Haha, don't worry about it... Just make sure you work super hard in grade 11 and 12! Especially 12... Since those are the only years grades really matter.
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