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Grade 11 English in Summer School?

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Hi guys, I need some advice regarding summer school. I am currently in grade 10, and easily passing all my courses with 90s.

My grade 11 courses are:
Computer Science
Weight training

My goal is to make it to the Math/CA program at Waterloo as I love Math, but my mindset might change.

My question is that should I take grade 11 English in summer school to decrease my burden in grade 11? What sort of mark do people that take grade 11 English in SS get? I'm currently getting a mid-term mark of 92 in grade 10 english.

I've heard many people say that Uni's take a look at Grade 11 marks, so taking ENG3UO in SS, will that affect my chances?

And if I do take it, what course should I take to replace it next year?
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