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Grade 11 Marks For Architectural Science At University

Hello to whom this concerns,

Thank you for looking into my discussion! I am really stressed and worried at the moment about my marks. I am extremely interested in getting into the architecture program at a good university in Ontario. I have been wanting to be an architect since grade 3, and I have had several teachers tell my parents that I would be an amazing architect. I am currently in grade 11, and we are half way through first semester, and my marks aren't looking the best! Please give feedback on whether or not grade 11 marks matter, which marks matter, and which marks that you feel I will NEED to get up. I have gotten a tutor in hopes of helping me get my math mark better, I feel I am just being lazy when it comes to homework and practice questions for math. My current marks are:

Art: 88% (This will be going into 90's for sure, aiming for 95).
Functions: 71%
Advanced Programming: 95%
English: 81% (This mark should also sky rocket easily).

Please let me know your honest thoughts, and what most architecture universities look for and what marks they look at. I am hoping on getting into ryerson or waterloo.
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Hey so I'm currently in first year arch at ryerson and I've gone through this so I'll give u my 2 cents. For Waterloo, if u want to get an interview, they will look at ur top 6 marks but only including first sem of gr12. Which means unless u take adv functions during the summer and calculus in first sem of gr 12, they will look at ur functions mark. So try to raise that up. Adv programming is not one of the requirements but u can still use that for ur top 6 since it's a really high mark and will probably boost ur overall avg. also for Waterloo, they have different cutoffs for different courses. So this means not only do they look at ur overall top 6 avg, ur individual grades have to be a certain number depending on which course it is. I believe English is the highest cutoff, then adv func and physics. Gr11 grades have higher cutoffs too. So again, you will need to bring up ur functions mark. Unlike Waterloo, ryerson does not require calculus. But I would say to be on the safe side, aim for at least a 90 overall avg for any arch program u wanna get into. You still have lots of time. Good luck!
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