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Grade 11 marks for UoT

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Do Grade 11 marks count towards the UoT acceptance? I got a pretty bad average this semester (87~88ish) and my parents keep saying that universities look at your grade 11 mark because by December you only have half of your grade 12 marks so they need to base you on something else than your grade 12 marks. Oh and are EC's important? [I'll be applying for life sciences if that matters]

If you have any proof from their website so I can show my parents, then please post it here. Thank you if you reply.
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grade 11 marks dont really count on uni applications, unless you want early acceptance! ;) I had the same trouble with my parents, but I told them that once ouac has your first sem final marks, they could care less about what your grade 11 marks are ( I'm quoting my guidance counsellor.... heehee). If your parents are still persistent, ask them to email admissions at the UoT or probably get your guidance counsellor to talk to them! :)
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A photo of JohnC JohnC
The only school that cares about GR11 marks is University of Waterloo, I got 70s overall average in grade 11(I don't know what was I doing), but still got 4 offers before April :bball: So just chill for now, and work hard in gr12:cheers:
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@JohnC wrote
The only school that cares about GR11 marks is University of Waterloo

I'm a grade 11 student and I didn't have the best marks last semester...my final avg was 70%. I'm probably applying to waterloo biomed or ECE... These marks wouldn't affect my getting into waterloo right?
phy-67%, chem-72%, eng-75%, design engineering-70%
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