yconic - Grade 11 with no ECs but want to apply for Chem. Engineer next year!
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Grade 11 with no ECs but want to apply for Chem. Engineer next year!

A photo of milliex51 milliex51
I've never joined any extracurricular activitiesfrom grade 9 to what I currently am in, grade 11 since I remember in grade 9 I tried out for the badminton team and didn't make it. Additionally, last year I joined Greenquest (environment club) and quit because my friends who joined the club with me also quit. Lastly, I tried out for the cross-country team but again quit after my 3rd-4th attempt because my parents thought I should focus more on school and I got tired from waking up extra early to go to school to run 10 k. Plus I figured I would not have made it anyway.

I know... what am I doing to myself? If I want to be an engineer I should be committed and not give up. But I feel like I have no chance to even apply for the Chem. Engineer programs at UofT, McMaster or Ryerson. It's because even though most of my courses are in the mid-low to high 80s (88 in Chem, 81 in English grade 12, 89 in Biology, 94 in Physics, 78 in Math, 88 in Religion and 90 in band) WITHOUT extra-curriculars, I don't know if next year I'd be able to get high 80s or even 90s with 3 sciences, 2 maths (calc and adv. functions), religion and band if I join clubs! ahhh...:bounce:

Help? Tips? Suggestions?
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A photo of computerengineer computerengineer
LOL you are stressing out too much for no reason. Ryerspn and mcmaster doesnt care about extracurriculars at all. Only marks matter. UofT cares about extracurriculars a little. But, my friend had 90 average and he BSd about having some ECs, even though he really didnt have any significant ECs. He got early acceptance. I, myself joined some clubs that I barely attened (I know Im so immature and irresponsible...). You should try to join some extra curricular activities just to improve yourself and work on your communication and other important skills. But, it shouldnt be your main goal next year. Try to get at least mid to high 80s next year. Then worry about ECs. It shouldnt be too hard to make it to UofT chem engineering if you try, and considering your awesome gr11 marks.
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A photo of Bscit Bscit
Would be hard to get in IF you had low 80s. But you are saying that you may be able to get low 90s. I dont really thing ECs would really matter if you have 90+ average. If it worries you that much, just join 1 or 2 clubs.
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A photo of IneedHalp IneedHalp
ECs don't mean crap unless you want something more than entrance scholarships.
But in your all 4 years of highschool, you must have done something at school?
You can just whore out and join clubs in your final year and not participate in them lol, most of the engineering schools don't call and confirm the references (waterloo and uoft).
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
If you can get 90+, you are very very very very very safe regardless of whether you lack EC's or not. You can bs something onto your SPF/AIF and you'll be fine. The only problem would be for scholarships/U of T EngSci/maybe some UW engineering disciplines like syde/tron/nano/SE/hardest ones.
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A photo of LindaS LindaS
Are you sure you want to go into chem eng? Considering that your struggling in math and chem now, you might have a hard time handling the ones in university. I know that people will say that it's very different from high school math and chem, but it's still based on those foundations.

Your physics mark is pretty high, why not mechanical, civil or electrical?
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