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Grade 11/12 Physics(SPH3U/SPH4U) discussions

A photo of brady23 brady23
This is a thread for the discussion about grade 12 physics(AP and Non AP). General discussions about the course, specific questions, studying guides, strategies etc can all be posted here.

Here is the Grade 11 Ontario Curriculum:

1. Kinematics
2. Forces
3. Energy
4. Sound
5. Electricity & Magnetism

Here is the Ontario Curriculum for this course:
1. Motion and Dynamics(New Materials: Projectiles, Forces/Motion with Vectors, Circular Motion/Centripetal Force)
2. Energy and Momentum
3. Electric and Magnetic Fields
4. Wave nature of light
5. Special relativity and Quantum Mechanics

For those who finished this course, which unit do you think is the easiest? hardest? general comments? How does grade 11 compare to grade 12?
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A photo of CoralVenus CoralVenus
I will take physics 11 in summer school this year, do you think summer school physics will be easier or harder than regular one or they are pretty much the same?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Already finished both, but I'm retaking phys 12.

The curriculum where I live (BC) is pretty different than the east coast.
We learn light and special relativity in grade 11 and then electricity and magnetism in grade 12. Very odd...

I think the easiest unit for me was Dynamics/Forces/Motion and Electric Fields.
I didn't find any units too toooo challenging, you just have to know the concept to be able to apply it. I think the most challenging, though, was kinematics... I have no idea why. ;S
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A photo of blackjack blackjack
I think the curriculum for ontario grade 11 and 12 physics is really stupid and slow. I mean you basically learn whatever you learned in grade 11 again in grade 12. (ex. projectile motion is exactly the same as gr 11 except you throw at an angle) I think they should put all the kinematics together in one year and not do it again the next year and same for every other unit.
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A photo of Haru Haru
SPH4U exam next week! KILL ME! AFter this, no more physics for the rest of my life! BOOYAH
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A photo of wu wu

For gr 11, projectile motion was the easiest for me.(99% on unit test)
electricity & magnetism was the most difficult. (69%)

Gr. 12 is definitely more difficult, nothing as hard as the electricity unit last year yet.
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A photo of ProteinPowder ProteinPowder
So, can anyone explain space-time diagrams to me?
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A photo of brady23 brady23
bump. How is this course going for the gr 12s so far?
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A photo of brady23 brady23
My friends tell me that it's getting much harder than last year already!
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A photo of KingKhan KingKhan
For me grade 12 is much easier than 11, on kinematics test in grade 11, I got like 56%...we just finished our first unit test in grade 12 and I got a 94%
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