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Grade 12 Course Selection Assistance Needed

A photo of darkspyder4 darkspyder4
Hello everyone, I am currently trying to get into Software Engineering at York when I finish high school. Currently in a term school in Grade 11, I was given my course selection sheet to notify what courses I have picked for next year. My plan for next year is to take 7 courses and have 1 spare. Apparently this course which is called FUNCAL (Semestered Advanced Functions & Calculus) takes only 1 spot in my schedule instead of 2. As of right now, I have 2 spares and enough courses to get into Software Engineering at York with the following courses for next year:

FUNCAL (Semestered Advanced Functions & Calculus) (Prerequisite)
English Gr. 12(University) (Prerequisite)
Physics Gr. 12(University)(Prerequisite)
Chemistry Gr. 12(University)(Prerequisite)
Biology Gr. 12(University)
Computer Science Gr. 12(University)
TOTAL: 6 Courses, 2 Spares

Although having 2 spares is great and everything, I am planning to take another course since there are other courses that appeal to me just as those I have been taking for next year and they are the following:

Data Management
Exercise Science
Economics Gr. 12

Just out of curiosity, what course do you guys think will benefit me more in terms of Software Engineering, my future in general, or both?

Im hearing Data Management is the easiest math for next year and Im doing well in Functions, I am also great at memorizing so Exercise Science is another one, I have also heard that alot of the content from Grade 12 Economics will benefit me financially, and philosophy is interesting for me as this course makes you think "Outside the box" and most classes are discussions.

I was also having thoughts of Co-op but since it will take 2 of my spots, I wont be able to get a spare and have break. Ive decided on having one spare to study more on my FUNCAL course since I will have math every single day.

Many of my friends are advising me to take some sort of gym course as a "break" period but I plan to work out and be physically fit during the summer.

For more reference, here are my marks as of 2nd Term(Grade 11):
ENG3U1- English 76%
MCR3U1- Math 79%
CIE3M1- Economics 80%
ICS3U1- Computer Science 91%
SPH3U1- Physics 76%
SCH3U1- Chemistry 87%
SBI3U1- Biology 87%
PPL301- Co-ed Gym 96%

I am planning to talk to my guidance counselor once march break is over for further assistance.
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A photo of safarhealthsci1 safarhealthsci1
I took Exercise Science last semester and got an 86%. I found the course really interesting. In your situation I would advise you too take what is easier and interesting for you. Economics seems to be the easiest one if you put in the effort. None of those courses are going to be THAT beneficial to university, so don't worry about that. Take the one that will take less time and effort for a good mark an is also interesting to you. This is because grade 12 doesn't alway play out the way you want. I had 6 U courses but ended up taking a 7th to replace one of my bad marks. In grade 11 students pile themselves with calc, phys, philos, etc thinking that the HARD courses are the way to go, but honestly they are useless. Just take your prerequisites and the rest should be courses that are easy (bird courses). There is no point of taking hard courses on top of your prerequisites. Taking 7 is good because it is a back up unless you screw up one of your classes.

Try hard, grade 12 isn't as hard as people say. I had a horrible grade 11 year, it was so hard, but grade 12 is a joke now.

Lol I went off the topic. If I were you I would take economics because it seems to be the easiest.
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
Take the two spares and use them to study hard, reduce stress and up your marks. It's much better than taking an extra useless course.
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A photo of safarhealthsci1 safarhealthsci1

@andrewk512 wrote
Take the two spares and use them to study hard, reduce stress and up your marks. It's much better than taking an extra useless course.

I would disagree. It is better to take an extra course so you don't panic and screw everything over one bad course.
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A photo of Beejeong Beejeong
Taking all 3 Sciences can be pretty tough, plus you have english and math..
Because you don't need all three sciences, I would drop Biology and take an easier 4M or 4U course to boost up your overall average. But looking at your grade 11 science marks, it seems like you excelled in Biology..

I took exercise science in grade 12 and also found it to be interesting. Getting to know how your body works can be pretty useful in life. I workout regularly, and taking the course helped me to know which exercises targets specific muscle groups.

Gym can be a good average booster (seeing you got a 96%), but when I took fitness in grade 12, I took naps everyday after school because of how tired I was from running and working out.

I wouldn't recommend having a spare during first semester. Just for psychological reasons..
I also wouldn't recommend having two spares during your grade 12 year. You need as many courses as you can to boost up your average.

If you end up having a spare, make sure you use it wisely and study during those God-given periods.
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