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Grade 12 Course Selections

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It is my first time posting in this forum and I got a question about my grade 12 course selections, which is due in a few days.

I'm planning to take:

English 12
Pre calculus 12
Japanese 12
Chemistry 12
AP Biology 12
Weight training
Study block
Marketing 12

I'm just wondering if the courses I chose are any good and if not what do you recommend I take instead?
Also is AP Biology hard?

Note: I'm from BC, so my courses may be unfamiliar.
I already took Physics 12 in my grade 11 year.

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A photo of theta1 theta1
BUMP please help. Im torn between ap bio or regular bio
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A photo of jhenry137 jhenry137
In reality, it all depends on what you plan on doing after high school. College? University? Which type of programs are you interested in? Without any of those, no one can really help you. From the looks of it, you could probably go into a language route with your English/Japanese, but you could also go scientific. It just depends on what you like.
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