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grade 12 courses

A photo of socialgirl socialgirl
I'm changing my courses for next year. Here are my top 6 for next year:
_ 3 maths (i'm taking data now)
_ economics
_ English
_ photography/world issue

I'm thinking about taking photography but I heard that schulich doesn't like ppl who take art course.

Should I keep photography or take world issue instead?

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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
I believe Photography is an M course so it's fine for Schulich. The fact that it's photography and not another M course (Like International Business) will not hurt you for sure.

I'd recommend you take photography if you REALLY want to do it. Otherwise, take something more relevant (The new finance course is spreading pretty fast around the YRDSB and TDSB - it's an awesome course).
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A photo of Subtle Subtle
Yes, it might not hurt to take that finance class. I deeply regret not taking it.

And just to dispel that myth, Schulich, or in fact, any business program in Canada will not care which courses you took. As long as it's M then it's fine.

World issues was very interesting for me, but I feel that it was because I had a very good teacher. However, if you know that the teacher at your school may be boring, then the whole course might turn into a "memorize-the-textbook-and-get-95" since there are a lot of facts to memorize.
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A photo of socialgirl socialgirl
I want to take photography because it's the easiest course. I think I can have >95 ... and it's a M course. My school doesn't offer finance course.
And about World Issue, I know that this course is fine, but i'll have a lof of essays and presentations to do.
My teacher told me that taking photography will decrease my chance of getting into schulich, ivey and queens
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A photo of waazup waazup
Take law, acc 12 or IB..economics would be the closest thing you have to finance, right?

BTW guys, how hard is econ? What do you do in there? All I know is that you have a huge ISU essay project.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous

@waazup wrote
BTW guys, how hard is econ? What do you do in there? All I know is that you have a huge ISU essay project.

I think economics is the biology for business courses. The reason is there is a lot of memorization. But unlike any science courses, it's actually kind of interesting because it has real life applications that can be seen on a DAILY basis.

It's a bit challenging, more so than accounting for sure, but I enjoyed it and thought it was quite useful. Yes, at times it can be VERRRY boring though. If you're taking business next year though, it's definitely useful to take. It's also not that hard if you stay on top of the work and put some effort into it.

And to the OP, I would take photography since that's what you're leaning towards (Schulich won't penalize you as long as it's a U or M course). If you could fit accounting or some other business-orientated class in there somehow, I would try to choose that over photography as it will be semi-useful for when you go to university.
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