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Grade 12 functions OR Data?

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Did you guys find either of these courses/useful, hard in uni?

i don't have to take functions for my programs (health sciences, physician assistant)

but i am leaving a spot for that just to keep my options open? Is that smart or just going to bring down my average?

I'm taking gr 11 mixed math (functions and applications) right now, and i was intending to take g 11 functions in the summer, but i will have to take gr 11 functions and gr 12 advanced functions next year
Is university math hard and you found that data/advanced functions was helpful?

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First of all, just wanted to say I'm not in university yet, but as a senior I still believe I could offer some insight. I think what's important is what you plan on going into, as data management, to me anyway, seems like a course you'd take if you planned on going into a business-related career / university program. I'd say Advanced Functions is a more well-rounded course, can apply to most, if not all pre-reqs for any university program that requires math.
However, though you say you do not need math, usually it's at least a recommendation, meaning it would be useful for you. USeful in a couple ways: it helps prepare you for the material, and also having a course instead of a spare does make more work, but can help prepare you for the workload at university.

Sorry that I'm not in university yet, but hope this helps!
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