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Will it look bad on my University applications if I don't take any grade 12 math courses? The courses in university I'm interested in are writting/creative writting. They do not require math. However, I'm worried it will look bad on my applications if I don't take math.

My friends tell me to take it...just in case...but if I do it will probably lower my average.
I'm not very good in math.
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LOL Trust me you won't be using any advanced math if you're going to be majoring in creative writing/English!

If you're planning on going into Social Sciences then I'd definitely recommend a 4U math credit because you'll most likely need a math credit while in Uni.

It'll be useless to you unless you suddenly decide you want to go into Engineering or Science but since you're not very good at math as you stated I'd assume you don't want to pursue that anyways.

It won't look bad at all, the schools that you applied to will only look at your required courses and won't disregard you for not taking a non required class.
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