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Grade 12 Schedule+Questions

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This is my current timetable for Grade 12, and note that I am intending to get in to history\humanities

Semester 1:
CHY 4U- European/World History
CGW 4U- Canadian and World Issues
HZT 4U- Philosophy
ENG 4U- English

Semester 2:

TGV 4M- Communications- TV and Video
EWC 4U- Writers Craft
CHI 4U- Canadian History
AMU 4M- Instrumental Music

Lol yes, I do have lots of bird courses. Could someone explain what kind of material is covered in Writers Craft? What is the course like and is it worth taking? I was thinking about dropping World Issues for a spare , but I think I might enjoy the course so now I am thinking about dropping Writers Craft.

two more questions:

1. Are these good courses to prepare me should I decide to go to university for history or social sciences?

2. If I want to study humanites, will it hurt not to take any math in grade 12? I am atrocious at math and have a strong dislike for the subject and I barely passed grade 10 and 11. I have really no need for it so is this okay or could it become a problem?

Hope you all can help me!
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Writers craft is just as the name suggests – you write things.

You will examine a variety of writing models and techniques. You will see the English and the poetic devices again. The expectation is that you will be able to learn a variety of models and techniques and apply them with your own creations. It is mostly a creative writing course. Off the top of my head, you might do some poetry and scriptwriting.

It could be a painful course depending on the teacher. I took the course and dropped it. In the first week we had four evaluations and one group project. There are some things in English that can be very challenging.

Personally, I do not have a problem with writing. So I did not see it as a big loss to me. I found the course annoying, given the short time I was in it, as I was burdened with the sciences and math. Basically – the more you put into the course the more you have to gain. By gain, I mean to say developing your writing and an overall grade.
Will it help you with the humanities and/or social science? Probably - more than your music and communications class at least. Your new life will primarily be about writing essays. The stronger the writer you are in high school the better you will do in university.

I would not drop world issues as it is another opportunity to write research papers. You need to know not only how to write an essay – but you need to know all the small formatting details. Proper citations and layout of your research paper will be part of your marks.

If math is not going to boost your mark, do not take – that simple. You could consider taking data management. I have not taken it but I heard it is useful for people in the humanities.
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