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Grade 12 Timetable

A photo of brady23 brady23
Hey guys, can you make some suggestions to improve my timetable?

Semester 1:
FSF4U French
ENG4U English
SCH4U Chemistry
MHF4U Advanced Functions

Semester 2:
SPH4U Physics
SBI4U Biology
ICS4U Computer Science
MCV4U Calculus & Vectors

I've been thinking of dropping French and taking a business course instead. I wanted to get the French Certificate, but then I realized that if I don't keep up with French, it won't be that useful to me and I shouldn't put it on a resume or anything. Last year, I got an 83 in French, and a 96 in Accounting, so any advice?

If I were to take the business course, Physics would move to semester 1, and I would have English, Physics, Functions, and Chemistry in one semester. Is that too much?

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A photo of Frantic Frantic
Hi, both your semesters seem very heavy. Maybe you should look into what uni and program you would like to attend, that way you can have a better idea of which courses are needed and which your taking in order to get a total of 6 12U/M courses. Based on what you said about your previous marks, I'd say take a business course. I think a business course would be easier than taking french (not to mention the great mark you'll be getting to boost your avg). On the other hand, if you know the prerequisites for your uni, why not make it so that you can get a spare?
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