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grade 12 Writers Craft, Oral presentations?

A photo of Creativeindividual Creativeindividual
Hi guys! :) Have any of you taken writers craft in grade 12, and if so what kind of assignments to you get, are there any oral reports, those make me nervous:p
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
People at my school had to do a speech in that class. I did not take it though.
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A photo of shadiya shadiya
It was a cool class. You just write a lot of short stories, poems and plays. In my class we had a few oral presentations especially in the beginning of the year by reading your work aloud to the rest of the class since the class was so small. We also preformed a play we wrote together as a class, but that wasn't required, we just wanted to do it.
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A photo of hannena hannena
I'm also taking Writer's Craft right now, I think it completely depends on the teacher. I know my teacher told us we would not do any oral presentations. We also just received our first assignment and it's really easy: 500-750 words descriptive story-type thing, there's a bunch of criteria but nothing hard. I assume most of the assignments will be similar, a few plays, poems, i think we also write up a speech but do not present it!
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