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Grade 12s-What do you think of these courses?

A photo of gassergasser gassergasser
I'm a grade 11 taking the following next year;

Data Management
Business Management
Religion Philosophy
World History
Classical Civilizations
Educational Leadership
World Geography(Or Computer Science, might switch)

I want to get into a concurrent education program, which is competitive, so I was wonder if if its possible to get a really high mark in any of these courses.
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A photo of iRamie iRamie
World history is pretty much easy, depending on your teacher.
If your teacher evaluates you straight through the textbook guidelines, im sorry LOL. But if its an enthusiastic teacher who knows about history and has an interest in teaching you guys, you will most likely do good.
Just listen to what they say and put in 75% effort.
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A photo of LoMa00273 LoMa00273
Those courses sound good to me. :) I was in your situation just last year, and probably my best advice is if you're not interested in those subjects, don't waste your time. If you aren't interested, your mark will be low anyways. I think for the most part that if you really buckle down and work hard, these courses will be lovely. :) Work hard and you'll go far! :) Best of luck in the future.
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A photo of manna manna
I never got any of that stuff, and my high school is considered a "comprehensive" school. Take it.
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A photo of jiira jiira
Business Management - no idea
English - i like it. i just started, there's a recurring them of outsider and society's expectations apparently.
Religion Philosophy - no idea
World History - i hear it's a fun class, lot's of material but very interesting.
Classical Civilizations - no idea
Educational Leadership - what is this?
World Geography(Or Computer Science, might switch) - computer science seems to be a good class if you like that field.

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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
English - Depends on the teacher, but it's always that way when it comes to this course, isn't it?
Religion Philosophy - Not sure about Religion Philosophy but Philosophy in highschool is a veritable "bird course"

...and that's about it when it comes to the courses i've taken from that list
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