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Guelph Alternate offer?!

A photo of Kamil94 Kamil94
I got an alternate offer from Guelph today!. I applied for the MEF (Management Economics and finance) co-op program, but i got an alternate offer of the same program but with NO COOP which is pissing me off. The only reason I applied to Guelph was because of the Coop in the program! Guelph was also my first choice.... :'(
-Now what I want to know is will they reconsider my application after second semester marks are submitted or is this offer all there going to give me?

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A photo of leafsforever leafsforever
not sure if you are reconsidered, contact admissions. you can still apply to co op after first year if your marks are good.
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A photo of v70 v70
I got an alternate from UTM and the recosider applications upon receipt of midterms. I called them to find out. I guess you should be calling Guelph.
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A photo of honourstudent101 honourstudent101
Yeah the cut-off I think was about 82-84% but I think they will still consider you for co-op if your marks go up after mid term if not then do what leafsforever said and just apply after 1st year.

Good Luck!!!
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A photo of Kamil94 Kamil94
Thanks for the feedback guys..
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A photo of Kamil94 Kamil94
So if anyone wants to know.....
Ive contacted admissions and they said...
they will reconsider the application when 2nd semester marks are in....
To get coop they expect an average of 85%
any yes you can apply to coop in your first year if are not in the coop program.
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