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So im currrently a new student in the program manamgnet enomics and fininace and i want to asked should i transfer to hotel adminsitatartion since i heard its a pretty good program....i came from hk so this bcomm degree will acutrally be usefull too me. any advice???
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I think that the Hotel Administration program at Guelph is one of a kind with many great things to offer. It is accredited by the largest Hotel companies and the HBA. I know someone who graduated from that program and is currently CEO of super 8!!! Just work hard first year (3.8GPA) and try to have as many EC's as possible. (competition is rigorous for this program). Good luck!!!
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
The HTM program at Guelph is definitely an excellent program. If you are interested in tourism, hospitality, hotel management, restaurant management, or other food management, it is definitely the program to pursue. If you are just interested in general business/commerce, then it might not be a good match.

I'm in nutrition/dietetics, and we take some of the same courses at the HTM folks. Their program is definitely geared towards hotel/tourism/food management (the program used to be called HAFA - Hotel and Food Administration, but was changed some time ago to HTM - Hospitality and Tourism Management).

You can find information on transferring to the program here: http://www.htm.uoguelph.ca/future-students.shtml

And more information on the HTM programs here:

If you want to make sure you have the courses needed to transfer, check out this guide here: http://www.htm.uoguelph.ca/documents/S11andF11CourseSelectionMemoFINAL_003.pdf
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