yconic - Guelph for Biological and Pharmecutical Chemistry or UofT Life Sci.?
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Guelph for Biological and Pharmecutical Chemistry or UofT Life Sci.?

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I've been accepted to both programs and can't decide what to choose. I plan on going into uoft's pharmacy school but really don't want to go to uoft for my undergrad. I want to go to Guelph but am told that i should go to uoft because i'll "learn more" from this program compared to Guelph and i'll end up their anyways. Does it really matter which one i go to if i'll end up in the same place in the end?
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Nope. Doesn't matter.
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There is no problem with the Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry program at Guelph. Whoever told you that you will learn more at UofT Life Sci. needs to check their sources.

It's probably the best program in terms of prepartion for pharmacy school. It's directed towards that specifically and the pharmaceutical industry.

Also, just imagine the competition at U of T for pharmacy school. It's just going to stress you out.

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