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Guelph mechanical engineering

A photo of engDreamer26 engDreamer26
Hey everyone, i has hoping for some insight seeing as most of you seem to know your stuff.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on my chances of me getting an offer in april or even in may in the final round of offers for mechanical engineering from guelph?

My average will be around a 78-80
calculus: 80-82
Adv functions: 78
Chemistry: 80-82
English: 73
philosophy: 76

i know there are three lower marks but i want to see what people want to say about my chances of getting into mechanical engineering at guelph or carleton????? :bounce:
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hard to say, depends on the students who apply. If a whole bunch of ppl apply with 90s you will be considered last, no one really cares too much about philosophy. Time will tell i got in with a 94 avg and a previous gpa of 4. Competition might be tough or it might not be who knows
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