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Guelph Scholarship

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When I received my Guelph offer package for Biological Science, it read, quote: "I am pleased to offer you an entrance scholarship in the amount of $2000.00."

THen it said I needed to maintain an average of 80%

I'm not sure if that is up to midterms or final?
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A photo of Smiles93 Smiles93

@g93 wrote

If you're slightly below the given average at midterms, will anything happen?

Just wondering because it wasn't specific.
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A photo of Wasi786 Wasi786
Well its your final mark that matters right so just focus on that. Don't worry about midterms. 80% is easy to maintain (in my opinion I guess) if you come to class, do you homework (at least from time to time) and just understand the material.

Anyways, good luck and I know you'll probably been fine. Just work hard and stay on top of marks.
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