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Guelph vs Ottawa Residences??

A photo of riazim riazim
hey everyone! my top 2 choices for uni are guelph and ottawa and i really can't decide! also i dont know whether i should get a meal plan (i know its required at guelph) because im a super healthy eater and im worried that ill get sick of the meal plan food. if anyone goes to guelph: what are the food options like? is it like home cooked food? obviously theres some fast food, but are there a lot of healthy options? i know this is kind of stupid but another huge factor me decision-wise is athletics. i work out a lot, does guelph/ottawa have good classes at the gyms (like spinning/cycling)? thanks for any info :)i really cant decide...
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A photo of kaileykittykat kaileykittykat
I dont go to Geulph (yet) but I can tell you from touring there that the dorms are okay (no better or worse than any other school, and plenty of variety in the 'type' of dorm) and the food is terrific. There are plenty of options, and as a vegetarian, I saw plenty of healthy options as well. As for Ottawa, I have yet to tour there, but if I do I will let you know.
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