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Handling stress

A photo of Smalkin Smalkin
What do you do to handle your stress?
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
Write down list of things I have to do
Do them
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A photo of DOV94 DOV94
I used to do a few, but I'm banned from most now...long story. So now i just play my guitar every once-in-a-while. Everyone's different. We all handle stress differently.
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A photo of sarahcrack sarahcrack
First I take a deep breath and then I write down all of the things I have to complete. That way I have everything out in front of me, and I can then figure out which one needs to be finished first, and which one can wait a little bit longer. So, I take it one step at a time.
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A photo of CheyenneS CheyenneS
I am TERRIBLE at handling stress. I stress about everything. Come exam time it good rest, hello zombie self. Throughout the years I've dealt with stress different ways. I'm still figuring out the best way for me to, but here are some tips I find helpful.

TAKE A BREAK - I'm sure it won't kill you to take a little break for yourself. 15-20 minutes. In that time, watch some TV, listen to music. Do something to keep your mind preoccupied.

LOTS OF SLEEP - When I am stressed I either sleep ALOT or not at all. Try to sleep through the night. 8 hours is the recommendation for teenagers.

HOT SHOWER OR BATH - This relieves tension. When you are stressed, your muscles get tight and sore. Not fun.

DRINK TEA - This sounds crazy, but something about the warmth is soothing. Maybe I'm crazy, but I always feels better after drinking something warm.
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A photo of harneetmann harneetmann
My main stress is caused by a number of things to do. So I use my calender to write down deadlines for things such as scholarships, applications and homework. I write down everything on my calender from deadlines to sport practices and games to parties. Make sure you set aside time for yourself and being with friends. I think if you manage your time, the majority of your stress will be gone.
good luck!
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A photo of Daemon Daemon
First, get as much stuff done as you possibly can, then make yourself go outside. Pick a destination, and start walking there. It doesn't matter if you actually get there or not, it's getting away from the house and stress that helps. If there's something interesting along the way, stop and enjoy it. When you get back to your house, you should feel much more ready to tackle whatever it is that you have to do.
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A photo of Cherylrawn Cherylrawn
take time for yourself
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A photo of DntInferno DntInferno
For me, I go do exercise or play music and not worry about the time. This usually alleviates my stress.
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A photo of ChelseeDecker ChelseeDecker
everyone handles stress in their own way. find one thing that makes you happy and distracts you from all the things you're worrying about for a while. exercise is a really good stress reliever.
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A photo of vishuchakravarti vishuchakravarti
Distract yourself and do an activity you enjoy, come back with a fresh mind and deal with your problems one at a time. Plus, most times we put stress on ourselves, avoid doing that, control your emotions :P
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A photo of rawrImChris rawrImChris
blops for 30minutes pewpew
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