yconic - Has any1 in life sci/ biomed/ health sci participated in DECA?
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Has any1 in life sci/ biomed/ health sci participated in DECA?

A photo of jaymeshaughnessy jaymeshaughnessy
Hey guys!

I'm sure you've all heard of the DECA competitions, that include written and oral events, role play etc. In fact, provincials just took place yesterday. I know that participating in DECA can be a great benefit for those planning on pursuing a BUSINESS related field in university.

However, do you think its a good idea to participate in DECA during grade 11 and 12 in high school (as an extracirricular activity), when your intended goal is a life science program, then possibly medical school or a related career? Would it be worth it?

Has anyone tried doing this before, and do you think universities will recognize this? Lets say, you qualify for DECA and go to the international competition, do you think universities will see this as a factor that creates a well rounded student? And does this make me stand out more, if I was applying to a SCIENCE (health scie, life sci or biomed) program.

Thanks for your help!
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I personally didn't because I have no interest in business whatsoever.

But I think it's a great idea if business is something you're also interested in, it gives you something unique to talk about in supp apps (versus the usual volunteering at hospitals), and shows you have outside interests. If you continue on with DECA at university, it will also look good for med school apps for similar reasons.
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
I don't know if it's recommended, but I LOVE DECA, and it's the reason I even considered business programs in the first place. I'm assuming you qualified for ICDC, and I can guarantee you that you'll enjoy it, and it definitely does look good on your resume to get some international experience. Some of the skills you learn in DECA are universal and can likely apply to a career of medicine or science too.
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A photo of Euphenism Euphenism
DECA is definitely not a bad idea for a person going into any field.
Some of the things it develops:
1) Confidence Levels
2) Speaking Skills
3) Persuasion Skills
4) Critical/Creative Thinking
5) Teamwork (If you're in the teams category)
6) Perseverance and Commitment
7) Interest in Business

These skills are just as equally important as knowledge that one would learn in school.
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