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Has anyone heard from?....

A photo of SpringChild SpringChild
U of T science and UWO science yet?

I've heard from carleton but UWO and UT i don't know anyone (besides early acceptances) who has heard from them. Time is ticking!!!

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A photo of nfabiano nfabiano
I'm in the same boat buddy. Nor UWO or UofT has got back to me yet.. I have a feeling it will be reallllly soon though! Just keep checking OUAC and good luck!
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A photo of SpringChild SpringChild
thanks! Lol.

I'm worried about getting in, my marks did go down from first semester (senioritis lol!). My average is still in the 80's though. Just worried!

Waiting to hear. :)

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A photo of sarahneeb sarahneeb
last night a huge round of acceptance went out from western and i know people who go into health science, bio med and nursing
hope that helps
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