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Have you ever regretted purchasing university textbooks?

After a final exam in my first year of university, I picked up the “required” textbook for the class and thought to myself, “Did I ever even use this textbook?” 

This question seemed to repeat itself throughout the year. I had a hard time thinking about how much money I was spending on textbooks that I was hardly using. When it comes to buying textbooks instead of rushing into buying textbooks the first day of class, I see what my options are. First, I wait a few weeks before buying my textbooks. If I am constantly wishing I had the book, I look for the cheapest option available. I always buy used textbooks because the price of the new copy is outrageous. My go-to resources for finding used textbooks are Kijiji and used textbook Facebook groups. Another option I have used in the past is buying the online version which is cheaper than the paper copy. If I don’t think I will use the textbook very often, I won’t purchase my own copy. Instead, if I really need the textbook, I will borrow it from the school’s library. 

Did you ever buy a textbook that you didn’t need? How do you buy your textbooks?

Michelle, yconic student ambassador
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Lol, I regret buying any textbook because I have yet to even open one of them, and this is coming from someone who already graduated. XD
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