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Having a dog at school?

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I am moving away for school, but would like to take my dog. Will I have enough time to take care of her?
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LOL! Unless you're living off-campus, there's no way they're letting you have a dog in res.
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You should let your family or someone who has the time and ability to take care of the dog. Since you are a student, I trust that you will be busy most times studying, and probably won't be able to fully commit to the immense responsibility that is the valuable life of your dog. (Please make sure that the dog is well taken care of, wherever he/she goes!!)
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totally agree !!!
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I won't say that you can't take your pet with you. It depends on the circumstances and your commitment level to giving him/her a good home. Here are some things to consider:

1) Can you find a place to live that allows pets?

Dorms don't allow pets and usually rentals that allow them are more expensive (because landlords want to make more and a lot of people want to live with their pets so the price goes up). If you start your housing search early this may not be a problem.

2) Can you MAKE time?

I volunteer at an animal shelter and I make two hours every week for the animals there. I also work and go to school. But you will be your pet's parent if you live with him/her. So you should make time for at least two walks a day (depending on your dogs energy level) and one walk should be at least an hour. On top of that there is time for grooming, cleaning your house (you will have to clean more as landlords don't usually like fur everywhere), and trips to the dog park (if your dog is bored you may have behavior problems) and extra time for training if there is a problem. You may not have time to work and you may have to skip social events to care for your pet. It's do-able but it's also a lot to lose. How many sacrifices are you willing to make?

3) Can you afford her?

There is everyday expenses such as dog food, poop bags, toys ect. There is also emergency vet bills in case of an accident. Unless you have some sort of payment plan vet bills can run anywhere from 500 to $1000+. It adds up.

This isn't to discourage you. I would love for you to be able to take your dog with you. Animals are amazing and can really help if you are stressed or lonely. If you can afford expenses, make time and find a place for both of you to live: Go for it! Some students can make it work and some can't. If you can't I recommend finding other ways to get animals in your life such as volunteering.

Wishing the best for you and your doggy. :)
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No, you shouldn't bring your dog with you. have you heard about college students being broke all the time? its for a reason. you are starting school for the better of your life. you will be joining clubs, activities, hanging out with friends, doing homework and essays. Trust me you won't have time. I own a German Shepherd and let me tell you, it's like taking care of a child. Don't get offended but it's also better for your dog. Your dog will become stressed from the lack of attention. Dogs are very social animals and without the proper amount of attention, your dog may become ill ( hopefully not) but its true. I volunteer at the LA animal shelter and i witness many people drop off their pets simply because "they don't have time". Think about it, because honestly i woudn't. Think about yourself, your education, your goals, and the well-being of your dog. Best of luck :)
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There is ALWAYS enough time for our canine companions. The fact of university/college life is that it is very isolating. You can't always commit to social events, and your friends are also incredibly busy in their own academic/work journeys. For those times you just want to talk to someone, or cry to someone who cares, a dog will be your hero. The fact they require their owners to take them for walks is AMAZING for the student as students often stay seated for extended periods of time which is incredibly unhealthy for the heart. If you have time for your own health (which is mandatory) then you have time for a dog at university. :)
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