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Having offer revoked

A photo of JoeSmith JoeSmith
Let's say you accepted an offer to Schulich on June 2, 2011. However, you fail to maintain the requirements after your final grades. Then Schulich revokes the offer. Does that mean you can't go to university anymore since you accepted Schulich, but rejected the others?
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A photo of CityBoy CityBoy
Dude.. let's be realistic what kind of dumba.ss is going to drop from a 90+ to below an 85..

And yeah then that's most likely what's going to happen and then you have to call universities that you got offers from and ask them to let you in.

Like the crappy ones that are desperate for students will probably let you in but none of the good ones.
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
dont quote me on this, but they might give you an alternate offer to york BAS

but yeah if your first 3 courses were above 90, your last 3 would have to average under 80 to get kicked out.....
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