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Having Some Difficulty With Residence Cost

A photo of NiceTry NiceTry
Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to post this in, but basically I'm just having some troubles right now with residence cost, and it's really affecting the fate of where I am to be going.

I just got accepted to Laurier (and congrats to all that did as well) and I am really considering this program. First of all, I've been having issues with my parents about financial matters. They really want me to go to Ryerson (Which is another pretty amazing school too) as they would be able to afford me to live in residence near there as opposed to Laurier.

Laurier's BBA program is appealing to me, it's just the residence, food and tuition cost combined that my parents can't afford... I'm guessing most of you guys would say to go through OSAP to pay it off but my parents are telling me they don't want me to live in debt since it will be under my name... haha. Which is fine, I trust their judgement but if anyone else has any ideas they could offer me, or even further explain to me how OSAP works because I don't really know, and I don't think my parents really know either. My school has yet to do a presentation on OSAP, and that's not until by the end of May.

So if anyone has any suggestions, or could guide me through the steps of OSAP, it could really help me out :)
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A photo of DavidG91 DavidG91
Well, the first few steps of OSAP are fairly simple. The entire process of application takes maybe 45 minutes.

You would need to log onto their site and begin the application process with your name, address, etc. Finally you would fill out your information on the money you've made personally over the last year or so. What really makes or breaks the application is the information your parents provide.

OSAP mandatorily needs to see some of their income tax information for this year, once it's been filed. This, coupled with your academic expenses, is really what dictates what you would get from OSAP.

The moment you send away the application, you will receive an estimated amount of funds that they should be able to loan you. This estimated amount is usually fairly accurate.

After this, you print out and sign a few forms from their website, and send it in to their offices where they do some final calculations. They don't actually cut you a check until later into the summer/beginning of the semester.

I know you said that your parents would rather you live without debt, but some painful truth to the matter of post-secondary education is that to be a college/university student is to be in debt.

I hope this helps.

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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
OSAP is a very straightforward program. It's online and user friendly...
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A photo of Yaroslav64 Yaroslav64
Ryerson sucks compared to Laurier. If possible try to do a coop or internship at laurier that money will go a long way towards paying off some debt.
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@ARMY101 wrote
OSAP is a very straightforward program. It's online and user friendly...

@ARMY102 wrote
OSAP is very complicated, I feel ya.

HAHAHA you guys are complete opposites
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A photo of stevef7 stevef7
Hey, I hope this might help! Ryerson is downtown Toronto, and rent there is high. Yes you may get Residence first year, but after that year you will need to Rent somewhere and Rent in Toronto is very high, as opposed to Waterloo area where Rent is most likely a little cheaper. Hope this helps!
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