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Having some trouble with the transition from C to U levels

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I guess you could say that I'm just coming on here to vent, so if you don't want to give me some insight then just stop reading now.

Throughout my high school experience I had no idea what I wanted to do so I never bothered with taking academic/U level courses, but once I had gotten into grade 12 I had an offer for a university transfer program, but not for what I wanted (microbiology Centennial)I had checked out colleges and I just never found it appealing. My friends are all in universities in the Toronto area, I go to their campuses to visit them and I just felt at home there, I loved the environment and had really good times. I had to find a way to get myself to a university so I looked at all of my options and I decided to go back to high school for grade 13 taking a the 11U's I need to get a top-6 to apply

My schedule is: [expected mark]
Physics 11U - 82%
English 11U - 72% (the test we did was for 39% of the midterm mark)
Biology 4U - 79%[84-89] (My bio tests are extremely hard, I might upload one to show)
Chemistry 11U 80%

Eng 4U[78-82]
AdvF 4U[95+]
C&V 4U[??]
Chem 4U[85+] / Phy4U[85+] [I really like both of these teachers (but my bio teacher is the best)]

Summer school
Phy 12U / Chem 4U

I wanted to take Eng 4u in summer school but I would have to take a non-science program.
Ideally I want to get into a life science (immunology) or an aerospace Engineering program. I'm having a rough start to the year is really killing my confidence about three weeks ago all of my marks were in the 90's I got too cocky and let myself slip.
I am having trouble with the transition to my English course the teacher has never given out anything higher than a 92% she really is harsh marking anything (at least I don't have her next semester). I have been to multiple liaison visits to my school and they all say the same thing about my schedule, that I will not be able to get a conditional offer until mid-term of second semester since I don't have three 12U courses in semester one. I have considered VHSO (Virtual High School Ontario) maybe dropping a class for second semester and just doing VHSO course during the spare so I could do the sciences I want and doing (ENG4U?) or something I don't know :S

Thanks for reading my rant! If anyone has an opinion about my situation I would love to hear them :)
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What are you... asking for, exactly?
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