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Health care in University

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How does health care in university work?

It sounds like a pretty obvious question, but how do you see a doctor or dentist?
Are they on campus? Do you also get medicine from a pharmacy on campus?
Is everything covered in the tuition you pay?


post any stories about good/bad experiences with getting sick :cat:
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I'll tell you about my university. We have a student health care package that you can opt out of. I opt out of it because I am covered under my parents insurance, which is much better. www.ihaveaplan.com details our coverage. It varies from university to university. You also should have provincial health care, which covers some things.
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If your parents do not have a health plan, and you choose not to opt out of your health plan, I HIGHLY recommend milking your university health plan. Make sure your get your annual teeth cleaning (80% covered by a lot of plans), do not be afraid to buy a new set of glasses (up to $100 covered by my plan), laser eye surgery is covered to an extent... so many people do not realize what is covered by their university health plan, hence why the health plan can offer killer deals (because so many university students pay into it but never use it, they make a killing even with a few students milking it).

Definitely check out that website ktel posted.

EDIT: U of A and UWO both have their own health centres, run by a few physicians. I'd imagine that this would be the case at any university with a student population >~10,000. There will also likely be a pharmacy on campus. Your university health plan is accepted anywhere though; it just might take more work if you choose to go to an off-campus physician or pharmacy (you might have to file the claim yourself).
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