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Hi so I want to get an undergraduate degree in commerce with a concentration in economics. I am really good at math and would have fun while studying economics. However, I have recently developed an interest for the business side of health care and how it is financed. In the long run, I don't want to become an investment banker, accountant,etc. but rather be involved in health policy , the improvement of health care services or health administration. If I graduate with a commerce degree and minor in life sciences and then do a Master of Health Administration or Master of Health Policy (UBC, Uoft, Ottawa offer it) will I have good career prospects?
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I'm currently doing my undergraduate degree in Health Policy at York.
If you are really interested in pursuing health policy, you should consider attending there.
First off, its a specialized Health Studies Degree you would be graduating with, in addition there is an internship available. Then if you want to be a health administrator you could pursue a Masters in that.

A minor in life sciences that you wanted to do is not anywhere near discussing how health services are delivered. It focuses on the biological sciences. A minor in health sciences would be better if possible. It might be even better to major in Politics or Public Policy and minor in health sciences. Politics is very helpful, as well as Public Policy in the field of health.

If you need more help just ask!
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