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Health Science vs Biomedical Science

A photo of StudentAtStPats StudentAtStPats
So what should I take for undergraduate to help me get into medical school? I also want to do try fit a minor in a more relaxed subject. Thanks for your opinions ^^
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A photo of biosci biosci
You can major in anything and make it into Medical school, as long as you write the MCAT and have a high GPA plus some volunteer work.

Some people major in Music and get into Med-School. I would say major in something that interests you, in grade 11 you should take biology, chemistry, physics and higher level math. Once you find which one you like best you can take them in grade 12 and choose which one you want to major in, in university.

I would recommend biological sciences it gives you some introductory knowledge in chemistry and physics and extensive knowledge in biology which is very important in medicine. Chemistry and Physics involve a lot of math and they are a bit challenging but those would be ok too. There are tons of majors to choose from even biophysics, biochemistry and biomedical science.

You can also get involved in a research project in university which you could put on your application for medical school. That would help.

It's all up to you! That is very good that you are thinking about this a few years ahead..good luck!
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A photo of StudentAtStPats StudentAtStPats
Ah thanks for the answer :) Also, does anyone know if being bilangual gives an extra edge on university applications?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Whichever one you're more interested in, both can lead to med school. I do think health sciences has a more clinical focus whereas biomed sci has a research-based focus.

And you should be able to minor no problem, I'm minoring in psych while in a health sciences program.
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A photo of StudentAtStPats StudentAtStPats
I'm thinking of Chemical and Biological engineering as an undergraduate program... but I'm afraid it might lower my chances of getting in medical school :o
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
People have done that before, but a lot of people say it's hard to get a higher GPA in an engineering program, which makes it challenging. But it's not like it hasn't been done before, so it's up to you...you still have a lot of time to think about your choices though so... :)
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A photo of StudentAtStPats StudentAtStPats
Thanks for the advice :) I think I'll look into ubc's pre-med engineering program. Maybe have engineering as backup.
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A photo of Krista Cow Chau Krista Cow Chau
When I applied to the sciences, I remember them asking me for a subject for major.
There's really so much, but if I want to be a family physician or specialize into pre-nata and natal care,
should I focus on biochem, life sci, physiology? There's so many, but I don't quite understand the difference between each one, especially what kinds of classes each one will have.
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A photo of kritchie kritchie
I'm taking a bachelor of health sciences majoring in biomedical studies. It's kinda like a pre-med program. You should check what the prerequisites are for a medical program and as long as you have those it doesn't matter what your major is.
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