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Health sciences at SFU

A photo of Comradeponov Comradeponov
Hello, i'm in the IB program and im entering grade 12 this fall. So far I've got a 6 (95%) in SL chemistry and 98% in NORMAL non-IB physics (since our school didn't offer IB physics.) These are the only grade 12 courses I finished in grade 11 (because that's how IB works.)

So, according to this link (http://students.sfu.ca/admission/requirements/admission-averages.html), SFU requires you to have an IB score of 24 to get into the health sciences program. This is despite the fact that normal students have to have a 87% average to get into the program (according to the same table.)

My question is, am I reading the table wrong or is this correct? how come they only want a pathetic score of 24 in IB for something that has a minimum cut off of 87?

if you're not in IB, the way the points work is that you get a score of 1-7,

3 = fail
4 = 70-79
5 = 80-89
6 = 90-95
7 = 96 - 100

And depending on your top 6 courses, you get a final IB score. for 24 points, it means you got 4 in all of your 6 subjects, meaning 6 x 4 = 24.

how is it possible that they only want 24 IB points for health sciences, and all of the other programs listed. If I am reading the table wrong, or if the table is showing something else, please tell me.

Thank you.
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A photo of Comradeponov Comradeponov
I just found another thing on their website.

According to this table,


"if students have a total of 26 predicted diploma points, they will qualify for early conditional admission to most programs, except for Business
Administration which requires a supplemental application. If students have a total of 31 diploma points, they will receive an entrance scholarship"

Guys, these are pretty low scores. 26 WITH bonus points is like 24 + 2, and 31 is 5's in everything.

Is this just a totally bad university or do they just worship the IB program? Because for normal students they want a 87% for health sciences...
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A photo of ktel ktel
A lot of universities will cut you some slack for doing IB. For example, this is the U of As policy: http://www.registrarsoffice.ualberta.ca/Prospective-Students-Dream-Big/International-Baccalaureate.aspx

They offer you final admission based on a predicted score of 30-35, so an 80-89% average, approximately. This would not happen if you had a regular 80-89% average (although you would still get admission eventually)

That being said, while SFU is a good university, when compared to the other schools you are applying to, it probably has the worst reputation.
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A photo of Comradeponov Comradeponov
that's interesting to hear, because Western's minimum cut off (for non-IB kids) was actually lower than SFU's for 2011 (for the Health sciences program.)

I kinda figured that the higher the minimum cut off the better the program (usually).

EDIT: Plus, the link you showed me says you need 30-35 points including bonus points from EE and TOK. This is important because every one and their dog always gets 3 points from EE and TOK.

so 30-35 including bonus points is pretty damn low for early admission... its 27-32 in reality, which is like low 70's - mid 80's for final admission. that's pretty low if you ask me.

I wish Western and Mcmaster valued the IB program as much as these guys ;p Actually, I live in waterloo and the unviersity of waterloo pretty much hates IB. it's actually harder to get in for us.
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A photo of vancouver2011 vancouver2011
Hello, I think it is because people with average IB scores are performing just as well as strong highschool applicants in SFU? I went on the IB website, and this seems logical.

While there is an issue of "grade inflation" among regular high schools regionally, nationally, and globally, the grading policy of IB schools (i.e. scaling) does not allow for much if any trending upward/down in grades. This makes the performance of IB kids in university more predictable -- which all uni's love from planning purposes and favourable statistics (ex. % of students admitted who successfully complete their degree...VERY important for gov't funding reasons)

Another reason "could" be they are required by the BC gov't to withhold a percentage of seats for IB schools -- which they have a low demand for? It would makes sense given an 87% is the minimum for health sciences.

As for the reputation comment, go to the university you feel the most comfortable -- its your decision where to study and nobody elses. I've travelled to 10-15 countries in my short 18.5 years and its funny how few schools people actually know, let alone just Canadian schools!

-(Typical Convo in UK..try formula for any canadian uni lol)
"which school are you studying at?"
Never heard of Ivey School of Business?!?!?
-sorry no...
Its in the University of Western Ontario. Its kind of a big deal..
-Really? Where is that?
Its in Western Ontario
..Its in Canada
-ohhhh right...at least i know where Canada is...

If I were to choose though, I'de say UWO (post-grad opportunities, small and tight-knit city/campus), or SFU (rapidly growing program, big city, and BC is 1000X nicer than Ontario imo in terms of weather and lifestyle). The 2 are complementary in a sense, and by far will give you the most opportunities to keep you busy and successful!

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A photo of michaelplease michaelplease
Lol! They MIGHT know McGill or UToronto though!
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A photo of Comradeponov Comradeponov

@michaelplease wrote
Lol! They MIGHT know McGill or UToronto though!

Am I the only one here who is confused about what this means??
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