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Health sciences at Western??

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Hello! :)

I'm a grade 11 student, thinking heavily about the programs I want to go into in uni.
I'm thinking Health sciences at western, and my question is what is the length of the program? Most sites say 4 years, but the western pamphlet says:

Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)
(3 years, 4 years)
Bachelor of Health Sciences Honors
(BHSc Honors) (4 years)
Honors Bachelor of Health Sciences
(BHSc) with Honors Business
Administration (5 years

Does this mean I can get a BHsc for 3 years? I would greatly like to reduce the time I spend in undergrad because I want to be a PA (physician assistant) and they only need 2 yeas of undergrad

If i can get it for 3 years, how do I do that? (registration in 1st year required?)

Thanks so much for your time!!
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Hey there,

4 year programs are much better since you have more education...so higher chance of getting accepted into med school.

Good luck
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I don't think you can complete a BSc degree in 3 years, not 100% sure.
But what a lot of people do, though.. is.. after their 3rd year in a BSc program, they will apply for professional programs such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, or Optometry,
so they would have a BSc in _______ after 4 years of professional study on top of the 3 years in the general program.

I believe that you can also apply for Med school after 3 years, but most people would apply after they complete their 4 years and get their BSc degree first.
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