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I am a grade 12 student living in Alberta. I attend a challenging university prep school with 100% of all students pursuing an IB diploma or certificate. I currently have a 95 percent overall average (using my English 30, Physics 30, Bio 30, Chem 30, and Social 30). I am interested in going into a health sciences course. The closest one to where I live would be the U of Calgary health sciences program. However, I am interested in applying to the Mcmaster and Queens health science program as well. I have several questions:
1. Is taking a health science course worth it if my ultimate goal is medical school admittance. I have heard that the curve for many health sciences courses are ridiculous, and since most med schools are course blind, would it be detrimental to take such a specialized, albeit more challenging course?
2. What are my chances of getting into an ontario school's health science's program? Would it be a lot more difficult since I'm an OOP? Would they look at extra curricular activities as well? I'm currently the president of two clubs, I volunteer at the local red cross, and I am a member of my school's grad council. Would putting this on my application help?
Thank you in advance for all your help.
~ Cheers
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1. I think it's worth it. Speaking from my own personal experience, I could've chosen to go to a easier/different science program (not that Mac health sci is super hard), but I'm glad I didn't now that I'm in professional school. It was mandatory for me to take 1 year of human anat&phys in health sci and even though I'm in vet and not med school, I still find that I have a leg up on my classmates who never took anat&phys of any kind. We go through anat&phys at a neck breaking pace and if I didn't have a background in it, I would be drowning in the sheer volume of material. A lot of general science programs don't offer human anat&phys (I've seen comparative/animal physiology where they teach you about the difference between vertebrate and invertebrate phys, but not one that focuses entirely on humans in depth). I was an IB diploma kid as well and I feel the same way about it as I do about doing health sci in undergrad - totally worth it because it prepares you for the next phase in your academic career.

2. Mac health sci doesn't look at ECs at all. They won't ask for it on your application and it would be best if you didn't mention it on the supp app (unless it is relevant) since they are looking for how you express yourself, not a list of your achievements, in those essays. Queen's doesn't have a health sci program to my knowledge..the one everyone applies to is just Queen's sci, and they will require you to fill out a supp app where you are required to list your ECs so yes you can put those in there. I don't think it'll hurt your chances that your OOP unless the program only takes in a limited number of OOPs/gives preference to Ontarians.
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