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What careers can you go into if you get your bachelors in health studies.
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this link should help you with possible careers/graduate programs you can go into after a BHSC degree

best of luck! :)

Where are you going? I will be attending UWO for there BHsc program
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A photo of Bazinga7 Bazinga7
I'm actually only in grade 11, but I'm just trying to see what my options are. So is health studies and health science the same thing because the programs I'm looking at are called Health Studies, not Health science.

What are the requirements to get in?
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Health studies and health science are NOT the same. Health studies is usually social science degree and you get a BA at the end whereas health science is a science degree, and you get a BHSc. Depends on the school but at Mac, health studies is a 2nd year entry program, meaning you complete one year of undergrad first: http://registrar.mcmaster.ca/CALENDAR/current/pg1701.html

You can go into social work, policy making or research (plus other careers that I'm just not thinking of).
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I know for a fact the health studies program at western gives you a bhsc degree, not a BA...Brescia university college is an example of a "health studies" prgoram where you come out with a BA

take a look at this link/site..very great info!

yes, basically health sciences at western is science with a "social science" perspective..so you would study things like "issues with aging, population growth, ethics, etc"

the one at mcmaster is where most people are dying to go into because it is more "sciency" and some people seem to have the opinion that once you get in, you are guaranteed into med school

so basically, if you are a "med school junkie" go to mcmaster

want a slightly easy but not too "sciency" program but you still get a science degree? western
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@Bazinga7 wrote
What careers can you go into if you get your bachelors in health studies.

Health Studies and Health Sciences are not the same thing.

It also depends which University you attend because each Health Studies programs is a bit different.

Health Studies at McMaster is definitely a social science approach to health.
At University of Toronto (the St. George and Scarborough) campus have slight differences in the program, where at St. George it's more social science based, and Scarborough offers a biological aspect to the degree.

University of Waterloo offers a Health Studies program that allow you to specialize in Health Information or Health Pre-Med.

Last, is York University. I am a student there majoring in Health Studies. They allow you to specialize in 3 areas: Information, Management, or Policy. OR you can just do a general health studies major.

As for Health Sciences-they are usually pretty similar along each University but it is for you to look at the courses for each program to determine which one you like best.

If you have any more questions I'd be happy to reply!
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