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A photo of Lisahur Lisahur
I have applied to queen's university but i have not recieved my acceptance yet. This really stresses me out
i have
chem 78
phys 78
calc 85
bio 87
ela 80
i am currently retaking chem and phys and my determined that the lost i get get is 85.
would there be a chance for me to get accepted into Queen's Science?
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2 replies
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous

Your Queen's acceptance chance is on the borderline. According to Queen's CUDO data, the admission average for Science program in 2011 was 90.5%. However, the cutoff this year is 84%+. Thus, aim for at least an 85% avg.
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A photo of Lisahur Lisahur
If i do not get acceptance for early admission, does that make it more difficult to recieve final acceptance?
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