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A photo of JKim21 JKim21
okayy so i've applied to SFU Burnaby...
my first choice was business and second choice was arts...
I didn't get the first choice... and i'm still waiting on the second choice...
my average is 81... can i get in with that?
I know two of my friends who have 80 averages and they got into SFU Surrey with arts and business... how come i'm not getting in?
what's the difference between burnaby and surrey?
is it harder to get into burnaby?
if i can't get into burnaby then can i be considered for surrey campus? (would they offer me to come to surrey campus instead?)

P.S. I'm currently updating my marks...(online courses)...do i still have a chance to get into business although i got rejected atm?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
My best friend got into SFU Arts last year with an 80 on the dot, but her offer didn't come in till very late.. June or July? But it was after everyone declined their offers and they have spots available. So with an 81, you still have a good shot.
She got into the Burnaby campus but she takes classes at both campuses now.
SFU Surrey is more of the technology and arts kind of campus.. Burnaby is more the science and business, I would say.
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A photo of Cuiter23 Cuiter23
Yes, SFU Burnaby Campus (Main Campus) is traditionally harder to get in. 86+ was the cutoff for business at SFU Burnaby. Surrey is at 80+ I believe.

I just got in SFU Health Sciences (Main Campus) today after waiting 2 and a half months with an average of 90%.

SFU Arts at Burnaby is 80% cutoff. You should be good at 81%, but expect a later response.
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