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Help Choose From a List of Universities!

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UTSG Life Sci

UWO Biomed

McGill Life Sci

Queens Life Sci

I'd like to get some insight on these universities, especially if you guy's go to one of these unis. In your opinion, which university and campus is most aesthetically appealling? Which program would most prepare me for the MCAT?

Would I need to go to a prestigious university if I want to apply for an ivy league med school (Harvard, Yale, Hopkins), later on? Or does the prestige not matter? Do they recruit solely based on marks, ECs, and MCAT?

If any of you guys would like to add more info, about the above programs and universities that would be extremely helpful!

Thanks, a lot.
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For more info on UWO biomed, read this thread:
Then if you've got any more questions, I'd recommend asking there. For the most part, students on here have only attended one of those schools and so we can't really provide any comparison, but we can give you info on the program we're in and how we like the university.
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