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HELP Do Grade 11 marks count or not?

A photo of DjAesy DjAesy
Im not too worried about early acceptance, I just like to get in. Would these marks affect me in any way? Grade 11 first semester sucked but second was good and hoping high marks for grade 12

Physics -73%
English -74%
Functions -84%
Chemistry -74%
U/M course Computer Engineering-95% (grade 11)
Grade 12 Computer Engineering-93%
Canadian Law- 84%
World history Grade 11-82%

I want to get into Uoft ECE
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
If you don't care about early acceptance, don't worry about any of your grade 11 marks. Just make sure you do as well as you hope in grade 12. Good luck :cheers:
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